Monday, November 27, 2006


It's Monday. sigh. My husband is working OT until 6pm. That means he won't be home until 630. With 3 kids that's tough, but Christmas is coming and we have had a lot of car repairs needed. He is such a hard worker. I am so fortunate to have him for a husband. It is tough only living on one income. Worth it though. We would pay out the nose for daycare. And we ARE homeschooling.

Speaking of homeschooling......... We are going to take the month of December OFF!! Wee Hooo!! Me and the kids are gonna decorate, bake, and visit visit visit!! Only a couple more days of November and then vacation!! This is the 1st break we will have taken since we started hsing 2 years ago. We've taken days off, and a week at a time for the beach, but no real break. Wow! I hope I don't get lazy or the kids forget everything they have learned.

Amelia, dd, is in 1st grade and is learning to read. She is doing well in my opionion. She has been diagnosed with ppd (pervasive developmental disorder). I think God is healing her of that, however. She is just doing too well. Now, if I put her in any kind of school, I think she would not do well becasue she thrives with 1 on 1 attention. Plus, she gets to do quite a bit of things that stimulate her on her own. Lots of free time to dream, play, and live.

Madeline, dd #2 , is supposedly doing kindergarten. ha ha. what a joke. We are learnign our letters and mastering 1 to 1 ratio in math right now. Compared to the drill sergeant I was with Mia, she is getting off easy. Today, we played a ID game with hershey kisses and an egg carton. I was pleased, she got them all right. Little girl has had me fooled. When push came to shove (kisses at stake) she could perform her lessons!!

Then there is the Bud Man, The Muffin Mess (song to go with name), aka, Robert Ethan. He is 2.5 and a wild ragamuffin of a boy!! He is sooooooooooooo funny. Soooooooooooo cute. He is so charming. Watch out girlies, he is gonna give y'all fits!!

When I get my digital camera, I will post pix of all the most beautiful children in the world.... mine!!

Spinning and knitting you ask? Of course!! finishing up the rest of my mother's b-day/Christmas present. Getting ready to start handspun fingerless gloves for sis in law. And, still finishing up yoke of dh's sweater.

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Robin said...

Your blog looks GOOD!!

WaHoo for Christmas Break!!