Monday, December 04, 2006

Mommies little helpers

As I have mentioned before, WE ARE TAKING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER OFF SCHOOL!!! Ahem.......... Need I say that I get so much done when the morning is free from lessons. Wow. The house is starting to get decluttered, cleaned, and (even) decorated for the holidays. The girls are just the right age for really helping!!

Speaking of helping...... This morninig, I sprayed the downstairs b-room with scrubbing bubbles. I went upstairs to dry my hair. WHen I came back down,..............dum dum du dum du du du du dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My wonderful 6 year old dd, had wiped it out with a kitchen towel. She was helping the little dear, but, if you read the back of the ingrdients on the label........... Well, sodium hydroxide (aka, lye for all you soapers out there) is an ingredient. I was a bit sharp with her. Sorry Mia.

Then off to the grocery store we went. It went quite well if I may say so myself. How much do y'all out there with families spend a week on groceries? I aim at $150/week and today I hit the $140 mark. However, that is without the Fresh Market's organic milk. *sigh*

I did knit some today. I cast on and knit 4 rows of a 39 stitch fingerless mitt. I WILL get a digital camera if it kills me for Christmas and show all of you. Did you read that dear husband!!! ha ha ha

So, if I have any readers out there. Just a question, I am curious about a couple of things. 1) How much do you spend at the grocery store per week? Include # of people.
2) What are you knitting? Do you have a blog? CAn I come see?

Have a happy, calm day. Love, catie


Robin said...

Boy I remember those days...I don't guess you want to hear that I'm an "empty nester" for a week!!
WooHoo!! Sorry I didn't mean to rub that in...I just know it won't last long enough.

Pam! said...

Just found your blog via Nikki's and am getting caught up. heh heh
In my household there are 2 adults and 1 19 month old. I am an avid coupon user and circular browser and aim for $50/week with one splurge week/month of $75. I think we're doing more like 2 weeks on budget, 1 week of $75, and 1 week close to $100.
Yes, I have a blog (2 actually) and please come visit!