Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Knitting Tool!

Like all knitters, I like my tools. However..... after a few years knitting now, I have rediscovered an oldy but goody. You may think that I am going to say row counter, or Addy Turbos. And yes, I love those things. But I am thinking something older and better. A simple machine based on simple physics. Look at the following pictures:

My finished fair isle vest. Drat. The hem is rolling up AND it was 4 inches too short. What is a girl to do?
A closer look. Houston, I have a problem. Now. In the past, I might have actually *gasp* thrown it away, cuz guess what? Fair isle DON'T PICK OUT WELL. What a waste. What a shame. Well. I live in a new knitting paradigm. The paradigm of the SCISSORS!

Yes, Dear Reader! My favorite knitting tool is the commonplace, household/sewing scissors. So may knitting DISASTERS may be adverted with the judicious application of this simple machine! This is not for the faint of heart, but with a wee little bit of research, and some very careful planning (you MUST be very careful WHAT you cut, after all. Don't go crazy and hack away), you can fix a doomed project!

So...... I took a size 2 needle and picked up the left leg of the correct row for each stitch. Then, got out my tool of choice..... my serrated kitchen shears , and carefully cut off the offending roll. Then proceeded to knit again, in the opposite direction, in pattern for the correct amount of length. SUCCESS! Sorry, I'll have to post a finished picture later.

Then we have Mia's sweater: I took a pair of scissors to her EZ yoke sweater, cuz her Mama made the thing too small. Hmmm. It was cold earlier this summer and when I pulled it over her head, it was too tight. This time NO planning. Got same kitchen shears and helter skelter, cut up the middle, then sewed down the edges. Picked up some stitches, and knit on a button band, got some cool buttons... and the rest is history. She loves it and WEARS it now. Lesson learned. Kids don't like tight.

In non-scissor knitting news. Another tam:
Plums and greens, for me. Knitpicks. Love, love, love Knitpicks Palette. Completed the ensemble with fingerless gloves:
I have been doing many things. This stuff here is old news. Maybe, I'll be able to document what I am doing now, later. *sigh* Life is busy. Be well, Dear Friends. catie


KnitNana said...

Wow. You're a Fair Isle Maven, huh?
Congrats on the "save" of your vest, it's beautiful, but I'm a bit more in love with the colors of your tam and mitts!
Don't stay away so long next time?

Diana said...

Well, I think now you are the one to teach some knitting lessons!!! I need to watch some cutting, it scares me. I love all your knitting, puts my progress to shame!
Visit my blog pretty please! I think I've got it looking nice!

Catherine said...

I hope to see a picture of your cut sweater. You are brave, but why not? PS - I love your colors!

IndigoMuse said...

I wish I had the brain power to knit fair isle. It just takes too much concentration and the boys in my house refuse to leave me alone that long. You are truly amazing. And the scissors, too? I'm in awe. No, really I am :) Missin' ya...