Monday, July 28, 2008

If it's worth having, it's worth working for........

After my last discourse on my life, I thought I would count my blessings. I have so many. And you know what? The blessings in and of themselves, are also challenges. Believe it or not, my mother used to say, "If it is worth having it is worth working for." With that, I give you my other, current challenges in the knitting genre.

1st up: Briar Rose sock. Handspun, 3ply size 3 needles. Super wash Merino. Absolutely lovely, and smooshy (to quote dixigirl)! I couldn't find a pattern that I loved and I was sick of being tied to a pattern anyway..... so, I took my newly acquired know how from Cat Bhordi's book, cast on for a toe up , and increased until it would fit my foot. Risky, risky. But greatness is only achieved by risk. We'll see what happens when it comes to the heel. Gusset? Short row? Who knows.
2nd up: The Joe Basic Fair Isle Vest. Size 4 needles. Random colors from Knitpicks Palette. EZ pattern from Spin-off for the basic color changes. I'll tell you a secret. I got thru the corrugated ribbing and into the actual pattern, when I caught my mistake. I was on a size 2 needle. Well, rats. My stitch count was off and it was going to be way too small, even if I have lost some weight. So, instead of ripping it out..... I just changed up to a 4. Not after the ribbign either. Some where in the 1st blue zig zag. We'll see.
Obligatory close up of the actual colors and color changes.
3rd up: Maddy's Wonderful Wallaby. This was an actual challenge that I had set for myself for the beach. To begin and finish a child's sweater in a week. Granted, this is an extremely easy pattern on size 8 needles. But a week no less. I was so up for this challenge. Unfortunately, mom happened. The rest is history. Challenge failed. Oh, well. It's almost done anyway. How bout a child's sweater done in 2 weeks?

Last but not least. My most important challenge of all. Why don't the most important things not get all our attention. I think it is because they might not scream the loudest. My mother also used to say, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well, I guess y'all all know how much she has squeaked lately.

So, I present you:

Maddy's snaggle tooth. I went after it today with dental floss. Trusting soul that she is, believed me that I wasn't really trying to get it out, and willingly let me play with it. Let me tell you, if I thought I could have gotten it, I would have. Same goes for my knitting. So there. ha

Oh yes. I worked off a lot of my angst by cooking up a storm. Homemade bread (no knead variety), rice, bean stew and roasted medley of root vegetables. Food helps so much!


bunnits said...

Hello from the Ravelry blog comment train (archaeologie). I love your knitting projects. I knit so slowly--start, stop, start, stop--that I see to never get anything done. I admire your industry.

Diana said...

Exhibits from the knitting fiend once again!!! Your spinning and knitting and risks, rock you know.
Congrats to Maddy!!!

Thanks for dropping by and do it anytime!

Anonymous said...

Guess daughter is knitting! I'll send her to your blog for inspiration!
love ya,Jenny

zenren said...

Your sweater is amazing! I have that Wonderful Wallaby pattern, have had it for years actually and have yet to actually knit on up. Everytime I see it on another blog I want to do it...then get distracted by some pretty sock yarn.
(ravelry comment train - zenren)

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your knitting is beautiful.

This comment is for the previous post. I have a niece and nephew that are bi-polar. Hang in there. I know it isn't easy. I'm adding you to my prayer list.

ALLISON said...

Hi, I'm wanting to use the phrase "If it's worth having, it's worth working for", but I'm having trouble finding who said it or where it came from to cite it. One of those things we hear growing up, but don't know who to attribute it to. Was wondering if you had any ideas?
Allison Yeager