Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just a mild rant.

Alice Starmore! Have you ever seen more beautiful designs? I just wanna cuss. I want to knit Starmore and I am so poor...... forget a bout it

Check out Ravelry for Starmore FO's.

Not fair.

I am gonna go pout.


KnitNana said...

Don't let Amazon's prices get to you. Try Schoolhouse Press. Look at Jamieson's site.

jody said...

what about posting it on any book swap places on ravelry? or, of course, ebay? Does your library have it or could they get it for you? gotta love the public library systems!!

Dana said...

Oh wow, I see what you mean. Did you see the carousel horse? It was amazing, literally amazing. Well, you're not alone in the poorhouse if that helps at all! ;)