Friday, November 09, 2007

I am going to continue my rant about Starmore, and add some ranting bout digital cameras while I am at it.

So...... I am nearly finished on the Sakina Needles 3ply hand spun sweater. Can I show it to you? No. Because the ******* camera flash is NOT working.

So...... I am nearly finished with the Bella poncho. In 2ply, fingering weight hand spun, wool and silk in Grandma's Garden colorway from CyberFyber. Can I show it to you? no. Because the )(*&*&%^*^%)(*& camera flash is NOT working.

Had some serious discussion with DH bout the merits of the Rockin Sock Club. He was not impressed (and neither was a nameless friend or 2 out there).

Where does all this leave me? Without much to do. Oh, don't get me wrong. There is always things I can do. Piddly things. BORING things to finish,spin, throw out. The problem is.... I am in need of the next challenge. I am looking for my next Everest. I feel like Shackleton encased in ice on Antarctica. The South Pole (IE: Starmore) is just out of my reach.

That's where Starmore Alice comes in. She is the holy grail of knitting for me. She is what I have aspired to. I ran into a gal 2 years ago who spun all her yarns. The sweaters she knit were the swanky fair isles that Starmore is so bloody, genius at producing. Folks.... hand spun, Starmore sweaters. All of those subtle color graduations.... I almost swooned and am still quite breathless. I never thought that I, little ole me, can't make anything fit would ever be able to knit a Starmore. Well guess what, I am ready. Just don't have the cash.

I have other problems as well. Gauge. The 8**** Sakina sweater is a wee bit too small. No matter. Blocking. Yes that will take care of that problem. Unless of course, people actually like seeing me POURED into a v-neck sweater. I do have quite a bit of an upper story. Maybe I should wear it next Tuesday when 'Sugar Shane' shows up with my milk.

Last but not least. Bella. My hand spun, asymmetrical poncho. Don't like her. Blocked her today and she is a bit better. Wondering what curse is upon me. I dream of knitting glory, but my results don't match my dreams. I DO have fun though.


Pam! said...

Oh gosh you've made me laugh ... defintely wear the vneck with plenty of upper story visible on Thursday ... then remind him of that pit of h*ll thing. muhaahhaha
I enjoyed my experience with the Rockin Sock Club this year but am not renewing. To be honest I'd rather spend the $$ on whatever colorways I want and use free patterns from the net. It was fun and well done but for me it was a one time thing.
After my holiday knitting is done I'm going to try something new-to-me and tackle the Noni Medallion Travel Bag. We'll see how that goes.

Nikki said...

I'm with you on the merits of the STR club... I know them. I want them (even if it is just a one year deal) but at least you can blame hubbo. I have no one but me to blame for the "no".

You'll find your Starmore... you will... and she'll be beautiful!

KnitNana said...

Ah, dear. The blasted flash - have you hit a button you shouldn't have? That's what usually happens to me...then suddenly I hit something else and it's BACK!

Here's my suggestion to what doesn't fit - knit shawls!

And I won't do STR - for exactly Pam's reason...I want to buy my colorways, my weights, and use my simple patterns, b/c I want my socks to be mindless knitting, with gorgeous colors - ok, I have to wait a year for the new ones, but I am fine with that.

I won't see you all on Thursday :(

IndigoMuse said...

Stop by the house and lets see if we can find something round these parts to scratch your itch. As for the "girls", I say cinch em up and wear the sweater anyway. And there are other clubs you could join that aren't nearly as pricey as STR. I know of several fiber of the month clubs.

Dana said...

Your Starmore will want it too badly for it not to happen. When you least expect it, there it'll be. ;)

Sorry to hear about your flash problems -- good luck w/that.