Friday, November 30, 2007


Jennychrys, I cannot believe you tagged me. OK, here goes. 8 things people don't know bout little ole me (this is scary as I tell bunches already).

Jennychrys tagged me for this meme.
Here are the Ye-Shall-Not-Break-Me Rules:
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*name 8 things others don't know about you
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1. I hate doing dishes, but do them because what's the point in hating something you have to do everyday.

2. I am a complete baby when it comes to pain.

3. I actually consider getting pregnant again so I can do childbirth again and "get it right." This is due to the perseverance I learned as an athlete in high school and the criticism I received from my MIL on multiple occasions. Yes, I consider delivering a baby an athletic event. Don't ask me "why?" I don't get it myself, who knows what the inner scrapings of a woman's mind are about childbirth. I prefer NOT to excavate that. And NO. We have had minor surgery on DH, so no more kiddies. I know my limitations.

4. I sit on the porch (postage stamp size) for as many months of the year as possible on the porch swing. I spin, knit, read, and monitor children there until it is not possible to sit there because of the cold.

5. I am so intolerant of weakness in myself that I will "stare down" whatever it is that is causing me distress. This is so that the anxiety I feel can be worked out. I hate feeling anxious. If you just tackle it, you can 'slay the beast.' This is weird, I know, but.... whatever.

6. I want to have a flock of chickens.

7. I wish I were an artist. Painter, singer, song writer..... it doesn't matter. I just wish I could express myself in art.

8. I fantasize about running and owning a Bed and Breakfast. Too much work for reality, but hey, this is a FANTASY!

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KnitNana said...

If I were you? I'd stare down #6 till you get over it.
Dear girl, it's a good thing you live in the city where such things are not allowed...
(You think you're busy with your brood? Wait till you have chickens!)

Diana said...

I tried to list some things and then tried to come up with 8 people. No go. Sorry about that. But you and I could get that working farm I want to live on and some chickens!