Monday, September 17, 2007


Why I like Mondays, ahem:

  • Rested from weekend for school
  • Ready to clean house after having done no maintenance for 2 days
  • No running hither and yon to satisfy husband who wants to 'get things done'
  • I have loads of energy
  • I am emotionally recharged from church and being with Jesus from Sunday
  • The day flies by
  • Kids clean their room again
  • Kids help with laundry
  • Kids help with food chores

Not bad if I may say so myself.

Saturdays in my family were full of chores. Ick. After a modicum of 'toons, kid power was harnessed and I was put to work. I am all for work, but I am even more for whistling while you work. Not my family of origin, unfortunately. This was hard work. Joyless work. It was all day long and my bipolar mother slept the whole day. There were no picnics, no day trips, no fun. period.

In my never ending quest to NOT BE LIKE MOM~ We play on Saturdays and Sundays. Daddy is home, and we mess around with him. Now Andy, likes to get lots done and is actually quite unhappy if some sort of progress has not been made in his domain. But I can live with that. I just hang around with him, follow him, and knit/spin while I watch him do whatever he is doing. Sure, I could be 'helping' him. But you know what, it is better if I stay out of his way as he is (drum roll please): THE MOST CAPABLE MAN IN AMERICA! He can work circles around me, so, I just keep him company and entertain him with my sparkling personality!

On another note, check out what I carved out of the school room for myself this morning while the kids were doing copy work and easy math!!!!

My very own desk. The kids have the big ones and I have this one. Yes it is tiny, but let me tell you about it!!! It is the antique sewing machine of my grandmother's. It weighs at least a 100lbs or more. Beautiful wood, she kept it in mint condition!!!! I will probably mess it up, or rather kiddoes will creep in on my space and mess it up. I really have no space of my own, though Andy will argue differently. My bed is not mine, the kitchen is not mine.... need I continue. We'll see. Hopefully I can 'mark my territory' and keep the wilderness beat back.

To continue with the desk. The desk is really a sewing machine, the chair was my father's desk chair. It has a broken arm that my father had to routinely glue with wood glue and the thingy's at the bottom broke apart and he had to give them the same treatment. Not a safe chair, but it was his, and I am gonna use it! Then the lamp. The lamp is from when I was prepubescent, went away to Girl Scout Camp at Camp on Craig, and mom redid my room in a Holly Hobby motif. This was my bedside lamp. I reclaimed it from her house while I was cleaning up after the grand manic phase she had where she blew 100,000's of George's.

So, there is my 3square feet of "Catie" space!

Knitting and math go together as any knitter can say.

I, yet again, have finishitupitus. I am close to finishing Bella. It is finally cool enough to tolerate drapey, wool in my lap. Andy's Ecowool Raglan is going to be needed soon, so I gotta finish the collar. I am driving to finish plying the Cappuccino lamb's wool for a yet undesignated sweater. Prayer socks for Suz almost done. 60% completed on the Ramblin Rose afghan.

Whew. I'm hungry, gotta go make lunch. Later, catie


Dana said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your "niche" is adorable and I enjoyed reading the history behind the desk, chair et al. Hopefully, the younguns will leave it intact for you. ;)

KnitNana said...

Your corner is wonderful! Every woman should have her own space...

Nikki said...

What a great spot! I hope the kids let you have your desk.

As far as the knitting and math, they do go together and it also qualifies as art :)

Diana said...

It's nice to have your very own spot. Maybe you could sart journaling (in real handwriting with a pen!!) Looks like just the right spot for it.
School is life for us ya know! A special place for it is good.