Wednesday, July 25, 2007

UFO alert!!!

Careful. Below is a pix of an infamous UFO. Look on carefully, you may NEVER see him again. He is quite shy and uncomplicated, kind of like the recipient.

Here he is!!! The Ecowool Raglan! The body is taking FOREVER! I knit and knit and knit and there is absolutely, completely, and unspeakably, NO progress. Andy is about 6' and so the torso + arms are sooooooooo long! I have almost 18" of body here. That last 2 inches are gonna kill me. Boring. 2x2 rib for the entire thing.
And then there is Grandma's Garden. I have enough of her to CO Bella. Now, with the original swatch, I didn't think the Garden was gonna work. But, after 3 careful swatches, we are a go on that beautiful poncho.

The top of the body of the poncho is an asymmetrical garter stitch. There are tons of live stitches at the bottom (if you have glasses you can see the waste yarn). Then 2 types of lace. I am really enjoying the miles of garter. I am so impressed with Dave's color work.

And then there is Technicolor Popcorn. I am thinking some mittens for a couple of nieces Grace and Naomi, 3 and 5 respectively. This is the roving I was spinning at the beach. It is a random spin. Meaning, thick and thin and strange. It is extremely springy. I am wondering if this is because it is 100% Merino.


Nikki said...

it's all so pretty!! Bring the ecowool sweater tomorrow. I find knitting something that will NOT end in company makes it more bearable!

jody said...

it's the knitting black hole-it defies understanding-i got to that point on a shawl not long ago-no matter how much i knit, it never seemed to get bigger. why does that happen and other times it just flies along??? weird. i'm glad you didn't get eaten by your bugs :)

KnitNana said...

So which are you bringing to BN to night? Bella is lovely!
And you just gave me yet another reason to be glad the "out of town" date went belly-up - HE was 6'2"!!!!
Hope to see you this evening...

Dana said...

Wow! All of your UFOs' are so great looking. I especially like the Grandma's Garden & Technicolor colors.

So, you've got a never-ending sweater, eh? You're in good company (Nikki's been saying the same thing). ;)

Diana said...

Love that popcorn!!! Looks like you sure got lots done at the beach even with all those people!
Great seeing you tonight and thanks!