Friday, July 27, 2007

Are you in?

Last night I had a marvelous time knitting with some friends at Barnes and Noble. The topic of Ravelry came up. I, of course, being the most 'non-hip' mom out there, didn't even know what all the fuss was about. This should not surprise you as I can hardly even get a 'button' onto my blog (despite numerous e-mails giving me directions). I did it once, but don't really know what I did and can't remember. I digress......

Ravelry. Are you in? I actually put my name on the list today. I am like in the 20,000 in cue. We shall see. I am kind of an old-fashioned gal, and proud of it!! Not too many years ago, I was on the top of the computer scene! Of course, that was pre-children days. Now I fill most of my time up with laundry, school, cooking, shopping, etc..... I can do e-mail, surf the web, blog, and read blogs. I can even write a little HTML. However, at heart, I am an old-fashioned girl. I like things done the 'hard' way! I guess that is why I not only knit, but was forced to learn how to spin. That is why I make soap. Not with the melt and pour method (oh, no no no no no, no. That is too easy and safe) but from lye and oil (much better, the potential for injury sets me apart from other soapers out there) . That is why I practically insist on cooking from scratch (except in instances where I am out of time and then I am sooooo grateful for frozen entrees)!

Back to Ravelry. Will I have time to Ravel? I hardly get to bathe myself, answer e-mail, knit and sometimes blog. All that uploading. I don't have DSL. I can't talk my even MORE old-fashioned husband into it. What is a girl to do!

I leave you with this.... Of course I will do Ravelry, if I ever get in. The very nature of 'me' demands it. Is it hard? Uncommon? Out of the ordinary? Those are the very things that attract me the most. The only thing that would make it even more attractive to me would be if someone thinks that I couldn't or even worse shouldn't do it.


jody said...

haha! i could've written that post myself, it sounds EXACTLY the way i am! maybe we are long ago separated twins...I am signed up for ravelry, too, but really, i don't totally get it (shhh, that'll be our secret!)

KnitNana said...

Wait till you're in. You'll get it then...I promise.

IndigoMuse said...

You will get in and it will be fun, I guarantee it. Its like blogging. You pace yourself and keep in mind, its not a race :)