Monday, June 04, 2007


Now, for a break from our regularly scheduled blogging for an advertisement from our sponsor. Kikkoman, the soy sauce of homemakers around the world! The following is a testimonial from a housewife, just like you, of how Ponzu has changed her cooking.

Last night we were going to have leftovers, again. All my children and my husband groaned, "Not steak sandwiches again!!!" Now, being the creative master chef/mother/wife/teacher that I am, I applied my creativity to solve the problem, just like all women do. I reached for my soy sauce in the frig, and *gasp* I was out of my Kikkoman. Distressed, I raced off to my local Fresh Market to get this crucial ingredient for fried rice. What did my wondering eyes see, not 1, not 2, but a whole array of soy sauces for our culinary enjoyment. I immediately was attracted to the label and decided that we needed a little citrus in our lives. Off to the checkout and back to my kitchen. I whipped up the most delicious little steak fried rice you have ever eaten. Effortless, all because of my new, fabu-ingredient: Kikkoman Ponzu, Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce and Dressing. And all for the thrifty low price of $2.35 a bottle.

I will never do without my Ponzu again!

Whew, I hate commercials don't you?


KnitNana said...

Gee, I'll have to try that...bring your "receipe" to knit night? lol
(I think I'll have something you've been waiting for with me...)

Diana said...

I am definetly going to get some of that!! For tonight but use chicken instead of steak!
Funny, my last post was about soy sauce too but a bit different!!

Dana said...

Hmmmm...I'll have to try that. We roll through soy sauce (rice fiends that we are) and I bet it'd be really good as a chicken breast marinade too. Thanks for the tip!

IndigoMuse said...

Sounds yummy. I love a good sauce or condiment. Thanks for sharing the helpful tip!