Friday, June 01, 2007


Beads, I just love beads!

Yet another roving from Sakina, named 'deciduous.' Got some beads from AC Moore and beaded 2 small bobbins and plied it up!

Love it! What am I gonna do with it? No idea. Suggestions welcomed.

Gotta go back to AC Moore and get more beads. I think I am gonna do the whole 5oz roving with these beads.


jody said...

That's REALLY pretty! what an accomplishment! I'm just amazed that you can do that-you are very talented!!!

Nikki said...

oh that's so pretty!! how did you do the beads?

Dana said...

Wow! You knit, you spin, you spin & bead together! I'm awed. The "deciduous" is beautiful - - excellent job!

Dana said...

Woo Hoo! Another Gabaldon junkie! Diana has two/two new "Lord John" books coming out soon. I'll read them, but I'm definitely waiting for the next Jamie/Claire installment.

Terri said...

Now that's seriously pretty.