Wednesday, May 02, 2007

She's here!

Wow!! What a day. Yesterday was soooooo eventful. Full of ups and downs. Let me see if I can make this short and sweet.

Minstrel arrived at 9:30 am as me and the kiddoes were awaiting her arrival outside in the driveway. The seller actually delivered her. I had the best experience with this seller, they were wonderful.

Me and the kids unpacked her, while I was on the phone. That was the tenor of my day. I was trying to play with my new toy while the phone RANG OFF THE HOOK! Me and the phone have a love/hate relationship anyway.

The phone rang, and after a stern admonition to my son to "Do not touch the wheel!", I had a long talk with my pastor. Well....... I came back and disaster had struck. Ethan had unstrung my darling, spun the wheel, and the cotton drive band had been completely eaten up. I was so mad, you don't even know.

You would be proud of me though. I didn't lay a finger on him. I told him, calmly, to go to his room, put the gate up, and told him to go to sleep. Of course, this is after lunch so he had eaten and was comfortable. Then, he proceeded to wet the bed.

Me being the resourceful woman that I am, figured cotton of another type would get me thru until I could get a replacement? Noro. I had just finished the "I Do" shrug in Noro cotton/silk (can you see the blue drive band? That is the Noro yarn) blend. Hmmmmmmm. I got some of it on there, but this thing didn't come with a manual. &&*(&*(%^$#$%^^&* Have you ever tried to figure out how a machine works without a manual? It really brought me low. There are only so many places that drive band can go.

Well, all of a sudden, it was working. Winding on and everything, I don't even know what I did. Robin, if you have any words of wisdom, I would be ever so grateful! Specifically on how a **** drive band goes on.

Here is some of the Merino that Nel sent me. I love Merino. I love this wheel. It is a dream to spin on. The difference between riding on an ass and a thoroughbred. I had no idea. I never thought I would 'upgrade' from my Ashford Traditional.

I am about ready to make my 1st skein. This is so exciting.

Now, my dh wants to finish the wheel. This is a great idea, except that I don't want to take another spinning hiatus so he can tip toe thru the posies with stain and polyurethane. Maybe linseed oil? Advice welcomed!!!!!

Well, obviously I got the thing working. Then, I had to change bobbins and the madness began again. But, I got it to work. I still don't know what I did.

True confession time. A lot of you know me as a bright, silly gal. Usually smiling and good natured. This is true, most of the time. I love people and usually, they love me. Well...... my family did not love me yesterday. I was unreasonable. "Don't talk to me.!" "Don't touch that!" "Andy.........." "I must be brilliant if I can figure out how a machine works without a manual!" "Andy......." My family was really good to me yesterday. I made NO dinner. Andy did. I loudly griped and ranted a bit. They stayed away until I apologized. Thanks y'all. I love you and appreciate you for putting up with me. I am not proud of myself.

I find that I am probably not much different than my children. I am territorial. I don't like to share. And, I am downright greedy when I want to PLAY with my stuff. I want to be left alone with my new toy.

Well, today I am off to a conference for 3 days. And yes, I am taking the wheel.


Robin said...

My best answer David! On my other wheel I ALWAYS used Lemon/Orange Oil to finish it.

IndigoMuse said...

Pretty new wheel. And don't feel bad. I'm just as territorial about my wheel. I share everything with the boys that I feel like I need something to call my own. Two plus years and I've never let any of them spin on Arwen. Guess I'm just Ms. Meanie McMean.

Diana said...

I had one look at that wheel and know what I did this morning? Yep, I too will have one on the way to my house!
You're a good mom too! I remember yesterday Amelia says to me, "That's my mom's knitting, do you knit?" She's proud of you!!!
I'll bring my wheel over soon!

jody said...

that cream colored yarn on there looks so pretty! I just want to touch it!!

Nikki said...

it's so beautiful! and you did good figuring out (even if you're not sure what you did)!

hope your conference goes well!

KnitNana said...

Have a wonderful time at the conference, and enjoy that wheel! It'll be fine. You ARE a good mom. Amelia is proof of that! (She's the only one I've met so far...)

Gina said...

At least you didn't wet the bed later!