Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have only a few minutes before I have to drive the kids across town to MIL's house. But, I wanted to show you what I CO last weekend. (I have been having trouble loading this pix for some unknown reason, I have tried multiple times).

To the left are some odds and ends of my handspun. I don't have enough 'Brother' to make an entire sweater (nor would I want to, he is the heaviest yarn I have EVER made). So, some bright friend of mine, Nikki I think, suggested a vest. So, I got a book from the library and knit a swatch. But something happened after I cast on the Brother Vest.

Brother started to 'speak to me'. Brother was telling me how much he wanted some ZEST to him. He wanted Fair Isle. Now, I had a little argument with Brother. I told him,
"I don't do Fair Isle. I don't know how." Brother the vest didn't listen. Before I knew it, I had another book from the library. This one contains stitch patterns. All of a sudden, I was doing Fair Isle. Simple gingham blocks were appearing in turquoise and royal blue. Large X patterns in orange and brown. I could hardly believe what was happening. It was effortless.

I have so much more knit of the vest now. You'll just have to come back tomorrow to see how I am doing.


Diana said...

Braving new trails once again? You never cease to aaze me!!! It should be gorgeous, homespun and handknit what more delight is there? Except heaven!

Nikki said...

that's SO cool!!! I can't wait to see your vest! Shoot, next thing you know you'll be steeking! :)