Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dumpster Diving

Hello Saturday!!! BC, that is Before Children, Saturday was a day of ENDLESS possibilities. Sometimes we would hike, take a day trip, or even (quite a bit actually, in retrospect), go away for the weekend. We had a DINK (double income, no kids) lifestyle. That is long over!!!

This was my life so far, today. Awaken, by children at 8:30. Make coffee. Sit to knit. You see my priorities. Andy makes bacon and sunny side up eggs with kiddos. I am served eggs, toast, and bacon. I even got to watch "Tyler's Ultimate Pot Roast" on the Food Network. Kids then request a video. We put one in and adjourn to have a quick wrestling match ;).

Then..... The Piece de Resistance...... Dumpster Diving. Yes, dumpster diving. My decluttering from the past 2 or 3 months hasn't meant much without careful maintenance. When I was a serious blonde, I took maintenance seriously. Now, my hair and house suffers from the lack thereof. So, me and the girls dove into the trash heap of their room. We sorted all the baby girl toys, and dumped them into a box for Goodwill. You wouldn't believe all the stuff that those chicks parted with WILLINGLY. Then, they dove under the bunks and dug out the equivalent of a paleontologists dream of artifacts. Some organic and some inorganic. Andy the the Bud Man did his room. Andy is now vacuuming out all the stuff too small to pick up and throw into a massive trash bag.

I have sil who lives in Boston, is single, and has REALLY been dumpster diving. Back when McDonald's was giving away free plane tickets in exchange for collected drink cups, Becca and her friends would dig thru dumpsters, collect cups, and turn them in for plane tickets. That got her to the beach last year for the annual LONG family beach vacation. Believe me, I will be blogging about that when the times comes again this year. That is a comedy in and of itself.

My kids are well on their way to being obsessed with stuff. They come by it honestly. Parents and aunts, uncles, friends, and grandparents shower them with things. And, FYI, most of all those things have now become unloved and put out into the dumpster for someone else to dive for. Yeesh. The whining that I get at whatever store just to end up in the dump. I am realizing the massive waste of money that I have been party too. There is a lesson here.

What am I setting my affections on and beg for, after I get it, ends up in the dump, unloved?

God, help me to set my affections on things that last forever!! Give me a love for the things that last for eternity. Thank you Father for blessing me and my family and forgive me for complaining and whining about what I don't have. I love you.


Gina said...

Happy Easter!!

Nikki said...

Glad the girls parted willingly with some toys! that's gotta make the whole clean up progress easier!

Happy Easter to y'all!!

jody said...

i'm considering just lighting fire to my house and telling my kids it was a (happy) little accident-then i don't have to have the "don't you want to get rid of this??" discussion-haha! i hate cleaning out their rooms, but it is so nice when you can see the floor!!

Diana said...

I'm an ongoing purger so I have a constant pile for Goodwill. It helps keep the messiness and strange finds under the bed at bay! I think there are few children that like clean rooms. They are almost driven to see how long it takes to mess it up again!