Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My husband treated me to new makeup last Saturday. Makeup is like candy to girls. We love it and it only lasts a short while. I was due. I got dressed this am and was playing with it a bit. Gorgeous plum eyeliner and cool trio of eye shadow, pretty all over face powder in the shape of a chrysanthemum, Berrylicious lipstick with matching gloss, and new mascara that LIFTS and PLUMPS.

I had gotten it all on and was looking 'mighty fine' if I may say so myself. All that for..... Roanoke Gas Co. men. I am 35 yo with 3 kids at home with me AT ALL TIMES and at least 20lbs overweight. Makeup makes a serious difference for a gal like me. At least one of them was lascivious enough to check me out. Kind of flattering (boy, I am getting old, I remember when that used to offend me). To top it off had a t-shirt made of cotton and Lycra in it. Bad choice. Whoa to us with love handles.

So, I spent the ENTIRE day multi-tasking. We did NO school because of the symphony of jackhammers, dump trucks, trencher backhoes, and some thing that pats down dirt real good.

Here is my list:

1) Knit Koigu Keepsake shawl while keeping Ethan, ds, from getting into the men's way.
2) Prepare to see Dixigirl at Barnes and Noble tonight while keeping Ethan from mortal injury.
3) Make list for grocery store while explaining to Ethan that "No, he can't help the big machines."
4) Try to spin a little while keeping Ethan from certain death ala jackhammer

proceeded to multi-task even after RGCo. left

4) Bribe children into goodness at Kroger with chocolate bunnies
5) Bribe children into room time with chocolate bunnies
6) Cook dinner while uploading these 5 pix to Blogger

All in all, my day went completely NOT according to plan. Oh well. At least Koigu got more rows than she usually would have.

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