Monday, March 19, 2007

The Carding Machine

Andy is a carding machine. Really. He spent 4 hours on Saturday afternoon to evening, doing nothing but finishing up 'Brother.' Now, it is up to me to finish blending it with the other colors to complete the sweater I am dreaming of.

I was complaining to Tanya, that the batts are spinning up thicker than I had wanted. It is a VERY bulky yarn. I have no idea when I am going to be able to spin even a light worsted or sport weight yarn. Yeesh.

Andy is working on the basement cabinetry that my grandfather fashioned with his own hands sometime in the 40's or 50's. He was an amateur furniture maker. I still have some of his creations. The most famous kind would be the fiddlers benches that he made. They are a foot stool in the shape of .... what else, a fiddle. I called him Pop and he scared me to death as a child. Gruff.

I am starting to panic a little bit. For several reasons:

1) Brother's yarn is going to make a large, warm bulky sweater. In my inexperience, I was thinking of something with a little more, I don't know, dare I say, sexiness? Sexy it will not be. However, warm, durable, and possibly weather proof. Yes, definitely. Now, what pattern should I use?

2) I have almost nothing on the needles. I absolutely THRIVE on variety and get bored easily. That is why I switch around so much. Andy continually remarks on how I read more than 1 book at a time. Well, doesn't everybody? That only makes sense. I can keep up with a lot of things going at the same time and still remain perfectly charming. Or at least I think so. This is probably not actually the case. Just wishful thinking from and ADD mother of 3.

3) I ordered 1400 yard of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Forest Heather. It is only $1.99/ball. That means Rogue is only going to cost about $25. Usually, I would be ecstatic. I am concerned about the texture. Am I going to be covered in itchys all next fall/winter? I sure hope not. I intend to wear it NO MATTER WHAT!

4) DD #2, has taken to reading like a duck to water. Normally, I would be so pleased I would feed her nothing but chocolate cake for a week. But, dd #1, is clipping along at a slow but steady pace. I am reminded just now of the tortoise and the hare. Maybe it will be OK.

Well, enough panicking and should go take care of the Carding Machine's dinner. Later, catie

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Diana said...

It is so cool that Andy is into the fibery stuff and it looks like he's a big help! Any plans to dye "Brother"?