Monday, February 12, 2007

While I was sleeping....

Well, basically I have been sleeping for the past 6 days. Having the flu and all. Yuck. I am so grateful that my husband has 80 hours/year of family care time. There is NO way I could have taken care of the kids. Even now, day 7, throat is still full of razor blades and can hardly eat, but, I am 30% better. I'll take that.

So, while I was sleeping, there were many changes taking place in my home. (All good, I assure you). The den which, historically, has been a dump room, is starting to go under transformation into something good. This is the main entrance to my home. It has been Andy's newspaper room, bill room, coat room and whatever else room. The tone it set for the house was CLUTTER, CLUTTER, CLUTTER. True confession time.... I haven't really cleaned it in almost 6 years. I get so intimidated by all the 'junk' that I would have to move, I just do a light dust (if I do that) and just close my eyes and move on.

All the bookshelves are empty. This room was built by my grandfather in 1950. It is a strange room, not square at all. Knotty pine paneling and green asbestos flooring. If you look real careful in the window, there is a HUGE fan. That is the air conditioning in this home. It really works quite well. It pulls the air out of the house wherever there is a window open.

This room was dark, dirty, and intimidating. Mostly the paneling because it is knotty pine, my extended family is going to c**p themselves when they see it. That is the only problem with living in the 'family home'. They all want it to stay the way it was. I have to live here now. It is going to be beautiful, I just know it.

I was awoken out of my fluish stupor by my dh, to take this picture. My dd #2, has been begging Andy to buy her a paint brush. So, he gets her one not realizing that she really meant to PAINT!! Not childish stuff, but big daddy stuff. So, Andy even let them get into the Kilz primer (nasty stuff, which I couldn't even smell, if that tells you how sick I have been). I dutifully took this picture and it dawned on me. He is probably the best father in the entire history of the world. He doesn't spoil them with stuff, but with time..... His time. And they love doing what he is doing. Of course, I am sick and start crying over this maudlin sentiment. Before you think he is 'all that', he just lets the kids follow him around and do whatever he is doing. Now...... That could include all kinds of things involving hammers, chainsaws, or heating elements. It does have a down side, but in faith, I choose to not think about it those things.
I had to laugh at something one of my children said. The girls mind you.... THey want to be strong like daddy so that they can paint and not let thier arms get tired.

Well.... Big Daddy woke up this AM at 2, shivering. My tall, oak has the flu. I had better get my rear in gear and go get his Tamiflu. I think that medication just helps with the symptoms and maybe help you not be so contagious. I am not convinced.

No knitting lately, though I am doing heavy research on yarns for Rogue. I am leaning towards the Knitpicks brand of Andes Wool. Stay well. catie

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