Thursday, February 08, 2007

Please don't read if you are squeamish

For all my darling friends out there who hate needles (as in, the FLU shot). This is a list of my symptoms:

nausea (no, I don't have that kind of flu. It is really weird)
razor blades in throat
extreme fatigue
staring into space
and things that are unmentionable to say in public

I am begging and pleading with you, go get the shot. As I told a very special knitter, my darling MD gave me a shot in the bohunkus behind anyway, and I was so grateful for any hope of medical intervention that would result in me feeling better, I could have cared less. I didn't even look at the needle, just kept my head buried under the blanket his nurse pulled over me.

I will say, I think that the drug Tamiflu (along with Advil and Tylenol) might be a miracle drug. I am at least on my feet today. I cannot speak, but I can at least wander around the house a little without fear of fainting. WHo knows, I might be mostly cured tomorrow!! Still can't knit though or drink tea *sigh*


Nikki said...

I hope you feel better soon! I had a most icky virus in Jan and sympathize. I just tell mom (who's also a knitter) I'm so sick I didn't even knit and she knew I was SICK.

IndigoMuse said...

Yikes. You poor thing. Maybe if they shot me in my big ole butt, I wouldn't feel it - LOL! Get some rest this weekend.