Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weaver's Web, New Bern, North Carolina

On my visit to mom, we stayed in New Bern, North Carolina. One of the few Dutch (?) colonies in America. We parked at the Tryon palace and I immediately went on the hunt for a yarn shop. Surely, in this quaint place there would be a yarn shop. Any boy, oh boy, did we find a yarn shop/weave shop/spin shop!!!!

Very friendly place!!!! The sales assistant was NOT as knowledgeable as I was (blushing modestly, I assure you), but not clueless either. She just didn't knit much, but was a weaver. She took her time, especially with my mother to find her just the right yarn. Mom does not choose quickly, but the nice lady was very patient and showed her many yarns until it was found.

I found TONS of Noro and was done. I knew what I would get!!! They also had floor to ceiling stacks of yarn. Probably 3 stacks, front and back each. A beautiful loft for classes and examples of so many things I soooooooooooo wish I could open a yarn shop. I would do it like this. With as many wide varieties of yarn as I could stuff into every corner. Not like our LYS, no offense.

Here is my Noro score!!! I got 4 skeins of silk garden, 2 in 2 colors for some of Elizabeth Zimmerman's moccasin socks. Andy picked out 1 color and I just have to tell you that the content of the yarn cracks me up. They are 45% silk, 45% kid mohair, and 10% lamb's wool. My manly, man husband is going to have some VERY soft slippers. They'll be kind of delicate, but the bottom of the slipper I will use a tougher yarn.

The other 2 skeins are a Noro I have never seen before. Something called Kujaku. Tough wool single spun with a nylon like thread. Already have some of this on the needles and I think it looks great!! I love the Zimmerman moc's.

Here they are!! That's all for now. Kids in room time and I NEED to work some more on Arwen. Almost done!! The sleeve is just about done and then I will cast on hood and that will be that. Except for blocking and assemblins.

Y'all be good!! Can't wait until the 1st Thursday in February!! catie

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