Friday, January 19, 2007

Holey Moley, I have got some holey socks!!!!

As you can see.... I need some new socks. My feet are freezing and due to my husbands German/Scottish frugality, the house is under 65 degrees right now. I am cheap as well, I hate buying things like underwear and socks. No one sees them really, YES, I know I am married, but he doesn't care (sorry TMI). I DO like to spend money on yarn though. Enter Noro yarn.

I could save money by buying cheap socks at Target instead of $22 on 2 skeins of Noro, but dh doesn't have to know that plus, I bought 2 skeins to make him some.

The wool is slightly felted (I think) and has color changes that morph easily into each other. The thick, felted single is plied with a nylon thread that morphs colors as well. *sigh* One of my feet is now encased in wool warmth. When dh got home yesterday, I had one holey sock on and one Noro Moccasin Slipper, ie. Liz Zimmerman. I took off both socks, and ooh la la....... The slipper foot was soooooooooo toasty warm, the other, well..... I need to hustle up on the other one. Got it on the needles and have 1 inch of the cuff done.

Here is the gorgeous bottom of the slipper. Kind of psychadelic don't ya think? I love them. My dh calls them 'happy' slippers. An old joke of ours.

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Robin said...

Happy Slippers....I remember those "Happy" times!! Sizzled braincells...