Saturday, December 09, 2006

struck down, but not destroyed

Well............... I had a great time out at our annual Christmas gift exchange with our local spinner/knitter group (BTW, do we have a name? I think I forgot). Got to play D---- Santa, got to steal back my gift. Had a great time!!! Came home went to bed and all was well until midnight. Then we were struck down.

The vomits had arrived.

Ethan (2 yo) vomited all night. Took a break and vomited all evening. Went to sleep just fine though. Then another midnight happened.

Madeline (5yo) vomited all night the next.

I have been dosing all 5 of us with pepto as a 'just in case' as prescribed by my MD aka favorite aunt, Faith. So far, only 2 out of 5 have been struck down. I haven't had a shower in 3 days.

In between cleaning up, I am knitting a no brainer, potato chip scarf out of the yarn I just spun. I have named it Cielo (Heaven). Robin, thought that the yarn had 'scarf' written all over it, and she is right.

I have to just say.......... Knitting gets me thru a multitude of crisis. Child raising, boredom, illness, depression, even happiness!!! I am so enjoying getting to know all of you out there in Roanoke and the rest of you I haven't met in knitting land.

God is good. I have not only survived my children being ill, but am not ill myself (yet). Hope all of you are well.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Catie - Try Slippery Elm capsules (for you and husband, not the kiddies). It works wonders for an upset stomach. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!