Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

The above picture is the 9 am view off my front porch from my favorite place to spin outside. Notice the haze. Land o' mercy, it's gonna be hot.
The view of my HUGE boxwood to my right. Hmm, what have we here?

It's on the wheel. Just a baby. My baby, ds who is 4 yo, saw him and gasped in wonder.
The tiniest preying mantis I have ever seen. Wait till September, he'll be monstrously huge, but for now, he's a little greaser. Just so you get an idea of how small the little dude is, that yarn right there is cobweb weight. I will ply it to make a 2ply lace weight for the Bee Stole.
I love the fact that I actually got the camera to focus on something that small!!!!! I marvel at God's workmanship. This little guy is so delicate, tiny..... He could be crushed by the tiniest touch. Yet, he is so full of personality. He kept jumping on my camera lens. His little head would cock from side to side as if he could commune with me. I feel blessed cuz he visited with me and my wheel for a few minutes before he disappeared into the boxwood cavern.

Gotta fly, guests coming! Later, catie


Diana said...

My favorite insect! We had a wee one like that here recently too. I hadn't seen one so tiny either!

Yarn Tails said...

I actually got my son an egg and it hatched hundreds of them. He got a couple to grow pretty good size and then we let them go in our yard. It was a lot of fun.

Skeinky said...

I love those creatures! When ever I see one, every 5 years or so, I feel it's a very special moment.

KnitNana said...

My mom would pick them up and let them walk all over her...up her arms. She just loved praying mantis!
What a great couple of photos you got of him!

IndigoMuse said...

What a cutie! I love when they're that tiny. How cool that it picked your wheel to hang out on :)