Saturday, November 24, 2007

I dream of my own LYS

10 Things I Need in a Little Yarn Shop (LYS):
  1. I like being a regular. Please know me or at least my project! I was at NOTS, and I had a delightful experience today! I was remembered. Of course, I had just been there on Tuesday? Still! Oh yeah, I hit Sereknity yesterday...... I had met the owner 1 time folks. 1 time and she remembered that I dream of having a swift someday. Same happened with Gina at Mosaic. People love being remembered. (I have only met Gina 2 x's).
  2. Carry REAL yarn. Something I can really sink my teeth into. Challenge me!
  3. Folks who can knit better than me. That is NOT hard! If I need help, I love having friends I can run to and aren't doing something else. Isn't that the point of the yarn shop concept. If I need help now and Tanya, Robin or (insert your favorite expert knitter here) are at work then I like nothing better than to zip over to my LYS!
  4. Lots of patterns.
  5. Lots of colors. Blow my mind. That hasn't happened yet. I can hardly wait till I can walk into a LYS and be speechless!
  6. Coffee? Why not! However, this would be a disaster if clutzy me spilled it on say..... the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.
  7. Lots of gauges. Not a few in each. tons and tons and tons.
  8. Have classes that I would consider taking. I have never taken a class. I would like to take a class.
  9. An atmosphere of warmth, creativity and learning. A place where people reach out to others, even if they don't know them. A third place.
  10. A place I can hang out. Dudes. There is nowhere for a 36yo mother of 3 to hangout with her posse on any given night of the week. We need a PLACE. PM hours. Not late, just not 5.
*sigh* Maybe I will do it after the kids are grown and I win the lottery........ Any takers? Who would like to go into business?

ps: The DIY man successfully fixed the crapper. Mary at NOTS suggested I update you all on the status of my bathroom. Thanks Mary


IndigoMuse said...

So glad the crapper is on the mend. Scary when the DIY guys get a hold of something, isnt it?

No need to wait until the kids are gone. You know I'll be a part of your posse any day. Just call me.

Nikki said...

I've got no money to go into business but I love all that in a yarn store too. And I love being recognized when I go in, too!

When you and T open up the store, I'll come in. Buy stuff. Cover shifts when I can :)

KnitNana said...

Hey, if you and T go into business, I'll help with the bookkeping and stop by when I can! But if little ones will be around, could you have a special play area, with good stuff they can play with (not junk: mind-expanding, building, making things) so the knitters without kids won't go nuts? Oh. And cookies and milk for them, too. *wink*
Well, maybe for the knitters, as well? How about a fireplace? I was a Panera last night and thought - I want to come in, get coffee and cookies, and knit in those leather chairs in front of the fire!

Yes, a third LYS would be nice here. I see it on Grandin Road. Whatcha think?

Diana said...

So what did ya buy at NOTS? I've had good xperiences there too and they do remember me! But I need to give them my blog address apparently since Mary is reading yours!!!

Dana said...

Your ideal shop sounds wonderful to me! You're lucky that you live in an area where you have several choices that aren't too far away.

Yarn Tails said...

You know you ideal shop sounds like Heaven to me! I came across your Ravelry and your blog through there. I have really been thinking of opening my own yarn store, just not sure how to go about it. I live where the nearest yarn store is anywhere from an hour to 2 hours away. Here is to wishing you to win the lottery so you can have your store!