Sunday, July 22, 2007

My eldest dd is OBSESSED with this question: "Mommy.... Do you like me the best?" How do you explain to a 7yo that it is impossible to like 1 of your children more than the others. That this is actually a hurtful question. That if I liked/loved her more than the others, the others would be mortally wounded. My kids count on me to love/like them all the same. My love for them does not change. I may get grumpy. I may lose my temper. I may act like the fault filled woman that I am...... but, my love does not change. I am so glad that God is an even BETTER lover than me! That He doesn't have the human limitations that I have to His love.

So.... We are back from the beach. I took NO pix while we were there. What is wrong with me? I am usually the pix queen. I am hypothesizing here, but, here goes: With 10 children under 10, and 12 adults....... there wasn't enough room to take pix. We were packed like sardines in a can. When some of y'all get to know me better, you will come to know that I really NEED my space. Physical and emotional space.

As I stated before, "I took no pictures." So, I have nothing to show you. So, I'll be brief and make a list to update you on my knitting/spinning!

1. Rogue is off the needles.
2. Almost finished with the body of Andy's Ecowool Raglan. This is a UFO!
3. Only 3 more pattern repeats to linen face cloth.
4. Took a hiatus from Grandma's Garden.
5. Almost finished spinning Technicolor Popcorn from Sakina's Needles.
6. I have finishitupitus really bad.
7. Planning the Christmas knitting.
8. Would you believe, half way done with Christmas knitting! This is because Rogue is a gift.
9. The Fiber Trends pattern, Bella, will not work for Grandma's Garden. &^$@#!
10. I am in desperate need of some new patterns to knit!

So, we begin school tomorrow after a 2 week vacation! That will be good. It will get me and the kids back on schedule. It will take me a while to catch up with all of y'alls blogs. I still haven't begun returning phone calls yet,not to mention e-mails, etc....

Oh. A quick question. I would like to thank each of you personally for posting to my blog. The only thing is that I don't have all y'alls e-mail addresses. So, thank you for posting. I love reading your responses! It keeps me going! Happy Sunday. catie


Nikki said...

woo hoo! on the Finishitupitis!

I'm bad about taking pictures, I'll either take tons of things no one wants to see (including probably me later) or none at all.

Diana said...

I can't imagine that many people being that much fun. I thought it was just your famiy!
Did I miss something about Rogue? Did you start it over? Isn't that the one with the kangaroo pocket?
I like finishitupitis! It sometimes works for me too.

jody said...

glad you survived-and i am the same about my space-i HATE to be crowded, physically OR emotionally!! and maybe it is in the air b/c my 7 yo daughter is a bit concerned about the same issue as yours is-except her issue is that we love the other 2 more and she knows it (in her words)*sigh* they will get it someday....

Jenny Raye said...

I have a Rogue to make for Christmas, but I haven't even gotten the yarn for it yet. Sigh. Must get on that. Welcome home! Hope school goes well. We'll be starting again, officially, the 20th of August, after taking the eldest to college. Gulp!

KnitNana said...

Glad you're back - missed you...
I'll say that maybe that little one just needs a bit of extra reassurance right now...not that they're the "best" in your eyes, but they are JUST the BEST they can be as they are...?

Anonymous said...

Regarding your dd, what if you said, "Honey, do you know that you are my favorite 7 yo in the entire world? If all the 7 yos were lined up in a row, and I only could chose one, I would choose you!"

I do this with my kids. Now, as they get older, they sometimes roll their eyes and say, "I know, Mom." :-)

Maybe that will help her feel uniquely special.

Christine M. from GCC

Dana said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your "finishitupitis" projects.