Thursday, July 05, 2007

Block Party

We had a GREAT day yesterday. The 4th of July. The day we celebrate our Independence and became a nation. The tradition in our neighborhood is to have a HUGE block party. My kids love this party we have because it takes place in our yard and the fire department brings a ladder truck and does a demonstration. I find it interesting that I don't see most of my neighbors due to air conditioning and TV. So, this is the day I see most of them all year! Weird, huh?

This was my contribution to the party. Cherry/blueberry cobbler with a sour cream dough. It WOULD have been fabulous, but Catie, the wonder chef, PUT TOO MUCH CORNSTARCH IN THE FRUIT! It was like rubber, but the topping was good!
I love fireman. NOT, because of romantic reasons. But because they, as a whole, genuinely like children. You would not believe how these guys played with all the children in the neighborhood. They let the kids crawl all over the truck, dressed them up in the gear, played catch, and generally just spent time with the kids. This year, they didn't even get called away.
I am the chick in the white tank top and cropped jeans in front of the tent and this is my yard. Because the street was closed, my kids got to ride their bikes and scooters up and back, up and back endlessly on what is otherwise, a very busy street.
We are blessed to have a revolutionary war re-enactor in our neighborhood. Eddie. Robin, you know this guy!!!He didn't come until late but it was sooooooo cool, because he started playing his piccolo (fife) and marched in. He immediately lined up the kids and we had a parade!
Notice his rifle. He did a demonstration of how to load the fire the thing. I learned something. On a humid day, that thing might fire only 50% of the time. Not good when you had the best infantry in the world coming for you and you where just a mountain boy.

I almost, got my wheel out, but I didn't feel like entertaining and educating my neighbors yesterday. Isn't that terrible. Besides, the kids would have wanted a go at it, and as we have already established....... DO NOT TOUCH THE WHEEL!

I did spin most of the day that wasn't taken up by the party. I plied 3 skeins of Grandma's Garden AND got a whole bobbin full of a single. That is a whole heap of spinning!

Gotta get out of cyberville and back to my REAL life now. Teaching, cooking, cleaning, Ukroping, and such. Later. catie


Diana said...

Wow, what a great day!! Yea, it's funny that we don't see much of neighbors until a gathering. We have an annual block party too in Sept. Everyone is so friendly then but probably wouldn't recognize one another elsewhere! Looks like everyone had a grand time and I love the penny whistle guy!!
Boys and fire engines! So cute.

Robin said...

Yep...I know Ole Eddie Goode!! He works at Explore Park! Do you live on the same street?

Karin said...

Regrettably, our street connects to a busy intersection so we can't close ours down for a block party (even though it is a quiet street). Looks like a wonderful day.

Jenny Raye said...

Sounds like you guys has a wonderful day! Our neighborhood had a block party when I was growing up--Christmas time--hot cocoa, homemade Brunswick stew, steamed oysters, chili, you name it! A Christmas tree, complete with real candles. Such fun. You are making great memories for your kids.

Are you continuing to school during the summer? We are doing a bit, but nothing major. Just enough for The Teen to not lose her math skills.

Gina said...

What a blast! I DO like Firemen for romantic reasons, or carnal, however you want to look at it.

Nikki said...

What a great party!! I grew up on a dead end street and one 4th of July we shut the street down and had ourselves a parade! But that street was good all year round. There was no way we could misbehave anywhere or the news of it would've been home before we were!

Dana said...

Wow Catie....where to begin? First of all, you are saintly to host a 4th of July block party. It looked like a lot of fun and a great time was had by all; the photos were excellent. Not only do you host/organize it, you also bake for it and pitch tents in your yard! You're amazing!

I can definitely see why you like Dave's roving so well. The Grandma's Garden is beautiful and what you've spun looks incredible. I'm drooling here. ;) Have a great weekend.

Gina said...