Monday, June 11, 2007

This is 1 of my cats. Yes, I do have cats, though they are not my favorite house pet. I am a dog person by nature. However, this is a blog called Catie-catknits. Hmmmmm. Ever wondered why a dog person would name her blog with cat in the name. Glad you asked!!!
My father used to call me his KittyKat. A play on my name, Catie. I didn't like Kittykat-knits, so....... there you go. One of these days I will do a post on my dad, who passed on 10 years ago this past May. He was my best friend. I love my memories of him.

Tomatoes!! Finally, I have the time and energy to grow some. Me and the girls started these from seed. 10 different varieties, all heirlooms. It is so interesting. The plants themselves all look so different and have different names. Black Krim. Cherokee Purple. Big Rainbow. Sungold, just to name a few. I have others, but can't remember all their names. Mia, dd#2, wrote all of their names on stakes for me. Quite a task for a finishing 1st grader.

I believe this is the Black Krim tomato (I was unable to keep up with all of those 30+ tiny plants with 3 small children in the mix.

I love the flowers on these. They are almost as big as miniature sunflowers. Yum yum yum.

Just a small snap shot of my small plot.

Andy and I "tour" the yard every evening. It is a cool time where we just spend time together as a family in the outdoors viewing God's creation, and our hard work.

As for knitting, gotten tons done. (pix tomorrow)

Spinning, yes that too.

Housework, not so much. Need to clean the potties today and vacuum and fold all the laundry that Andy did and tossed in a pile on the floor. 4 loads worth.

So, goodbye for now!

As for Aline, things are not looking good. They are unable to get her to move her bowels and is seriously impacted. Her daughters are going to enter her into hospice. Pray for her to pass quickly.


KnitNana said...

The Meezer recognizes a sister/brother there!!!
I love the looks of your tomatoes!
yummy indeed!
Prayers still coming your way...

Nikki said...

You're veggies are gorgeous!