Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have a hangover!

I, have had a MARVELOUS day dahling. Dropped the kids off at Grandma's, went to the library, came home and polished off last nights dinner from Carraba's with Tanya. Proceeded to read for 3, count 'em, 3 hours, uninterrupted. I think the phone rang once. I haven't even checked the messages.

Currently, I am feeling a little 'hungover' from my reading and knitting fest. What was I reading? Not that interesting. What was I knitting? Now that is worth a look.

I just CO this from Knit and Tonic. Last night at dinner, Tanya whipped out her current WIP. I gasped. Handspun, merino/tencel, self dyed, beauteous head wrap.

Then, it hit me. I knew what that beaded yarn I had spun up was gonna be used for. I just put the head wrap down on size 5 needles to try to shake off my lethargy from non-speaking, non-cleaning, purely selfish hangover.

I only have maybe 4" out of 48" and I might run out of yarn. Who cares. Glorious. I am gonna just hunker down till DH gets home and digs me out of my hole to go peruse the new Ukrop's. I'll tell you bout that tomorrow.


Diana said...

Sounds like a great day to me! I was able to read and knit right much over my trip to S.C. on Sunday and Monday.
What is this, a headband? It's very dainty with the beads! Dinner with Tanya, I think you get out more than I do and my kids are older and this week I only have one!
Brian and I went to UKrops at about 11:30. Didn't even make it in. The crowd was worse than terrible so I drove through the parking lot and left. A guy told me someone had fainted waiting to get in. The police officer directing traffic said all lots were packed. They have an underground parking lot!

Nikki said...

You brave brave woman!! I thought about going but decided it could wait for a few days. I can't wait to hear about it...

the scarf is gorgeous!!!

Robin said...

Nice scarf!!

KnitNana said...

Isn't it funny what we think is exciting in this town - the new grocery store? Underground parking lot?
Roanoke is trying to become a "BEEG CITY!"
Love your beaded head wrap.
(you do GO a lot, gal...)

Dana said...

Gorgeous head wrap and I've already told you how much I like your beaded fiber; it's lovely.

Your day sounded perfect (reading & knitting) and you had earned it in spades from the sounds of it all. :)

P.S. I have a friend who's been oogling Kromski Minstrels. Her name's Michelle and I referred her to your blog. Do you like yours? Michelle and I dipping our toes in the wheel market.

IndigoMuse said...

Love, love, love how your beaded handspun looks knit into that headwrap. I hope you have enough. I tapered the ends of mine so that the yarn would work for it.

Can't wait to go to Ukrops. I'm making a beeline for the bakery and will chow down on a Monticello. Yum!

jody said...

i was doing some other beadwork the other day for something non-knitting and i was actually thinking about your beaded yarn and what you might do with it!thanks for solving that mystery for me :) funny how our online buddies become part of our everyday lives!

Gina said...

Love the Dream Swatch!

Diane said...

The head-wrap's gorgeous!

I know that reading-hangover feeling too. It's like coming up for air after a long dive sometimes when you put down a book :-)