Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, here is the challenge, if you dare!!! Get your digital camera and prepare to shock us all with (drum roll, please)..... THE CONTENTS OF YOUR PURSE! No editing please. Just pure truth. Unvarnished. Post to your blog. Here is my list of people who are TAGGED! Nikki, Tanya, Diana, Sallee, and Robin. I, unfortunately, can't take credit for this idea. Found it on Jody's blog and she got it from Gina.
Please give brief explanations of what your purse contains. Oh, just had a thought...... If you have something personal, use your own discretion. Nothing _______________, please. (you can just imagine)

I am after all, a mother. This is the contents of my purse simply laid out.

My DD#2's ABC flashcards. Homemade.

Cough drops from the flu I had last year. Afrin. Now there is a story. DS had a nose bleed that just wouldn't quit. I quick called my aunt, the wonder MD. She sent me to CVS for Afrin. It constricts blood vessels. Learned something new.

Prescription for tummy pain.

Half of box that is holding some dpt needle stopper uppers.

Gum. Another mommy must have.

Power bars. Lip gloss AND lip liner. Here is a little known fact about me. I love, love, love lip liner. It takes YEARS off you your face. Keeps lip whatever from running and can plump without collagen!

Tonka Truck.

That's all folks. Really looking forward to seeing yours. Remember, honesty is the BEST policy (and makes for good blog humor)!


Nikki said...

this should be fun! I just dumped my purse and took the photo. It'll be up soon :)

KnitNana said...

It's going to have to wait till tonight at least...I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators at the want to see what's IN my purse? MY purse? Nana Sadie Rose's purse??? Be careful what you wish for...