Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life and times of MCGL

Whew! What a day!! I have got my hair on fire I am so busy. I have a love/hate relationship with these days. So, here goes:

* Drive kids to MIL's house. 30 min drive.
* Go to Bible study
* Pray and minister with a hurting woman
* Go to grocery store
* Go to MIL's house to get kids
* Drive 30 min home
It is now 2:30
* Unload groceries
* Duke out numerous fights between kids
* Jostle dd #1 out of a pout
* Spin for 5 min
* Decide I really need to start dinner for company coming tonight
* Sear flank steak and put in oven to braise for Ropa Vieja
* Ice chocolate cake
* Make Neapolitan Tomato salad
* Make sauce for Ropa Vieja
* Re-snack the kids
* Realize that I still have to review AWANA verses with kids for their class tonight
It is now 4:41
* Kick kids out to play
* Listen to dd #2 complain about baby brother beating her with a stick
* Sit down to blog
What is wrong with me? I should be CLEANING MY HOUSE TO GET READY FOR PASTOR AND WIFE TO COME OVER!! I have a headache and I need to drink a bunch of H20 and lie down. oh well.

* Vacuum downstairs
* Shred Ropa Vieja (translates 'old clothes', a shredded, spicy beef dish over rice)
* Clean self up
* Check verses for AWANA
* Change the girls clothes, they got filthy at Grandma's house
* Feed kids
* Clean up food from kids
* Greet husband lovingly with a smile and a kiss despite headache
* Whatever else shows itself as something that needs doing

I either need to go pray or I need a Valium. The Valium is out, so I think I'll go sit on the porch, ignore whatever else I "should do", and spend time with Jesus. Thanx. c


Nikki said...

Hang in there, Catie!

truthseeking-mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Those days are long...oh heck, that's every day.

Love, love, love the rainments you shared with me, oh Matthew 6 girl.