Monday, March 05, 2007


Finally went to Mosaic this past Saturday!!!!! YEE HAAWWW!!!! I love that place. I walked in and immediately was welcomed and treated so kindly. I hardly knew what to do with myself. I had gone up to Blacksburg with dh on a 'date day' away from the kids. We ate at some cool taco joint and he dropped me off at Mosaic. I was shopping for yarn for Rogue and gonna meet a new knitter friend (new knitter but old friend) to help her pick her 2nd project ever. I was there for a whole hour before Carol showed up. Me and Gina and the staff were talking away like old friends, I didn't know any of them.

I bought Cascades Ecowool in this color I am typing with. This was supposed to be for Rogue, but the gauge is wrong and the color is wrong. So, it is now a Raglan ribbed pullover for Andy (dh). The cool thing about Ecowool is that the colors are 100% natural and the yardage is INSANE!!! It has like 450 yards/$15 skein.

My friend, Carol, bought some gorgeous, hand dyed cotton yarn to make a simple raglan sweater. The book The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns is the book that made me a sweater knitter. Any yarn, any gauge can be turned into a sweater that fits. Granted, a simple sweater, but, a sweater nonetheless!!!! She can knit and purl already, all she has to do is learn how to use them in combination for a seed stitch border and a few decrease moves and she's a winner!!!!

I also started a raglan sweater for Ethan (ds) in my Chestnut handspun!!! Yet again, The Knitter's Handy........ Love that book!! Almost done with the body. Soon, dp's for the arms and in a matter of less than a week, presto * a handspun sweater is complete!! Diana, caught me in church yesterday, knitting with it.

THEN!!!!!!, I swatched some of my Blue Sky Alpaca in the Tea Rose Halter Top pattern this morning. Off to lys to buy needles, again. While I was there, my kids were being kids, and one of the ladies fussed at them. Oh well. Mosaic was so kid friendly. While I was there a toddler and a puppy were in there and no one fussed at them. So, I got that co and working this AM after finishing up Mia's standardized testing. The new needles and unusual knitting time was my reward for finishing up that horse hockey (excuse my language, but it really was what it was).

Well, I am full of knitting news. How bout y'all? Did anyone else co 3 new projects in the space of 3 days? I must be crazy!! I love multiple projects.

Gotta go plan dinner. Hamburgers and some kind of Hawaiian rice with hopefully some veggies. Have a great day. Thanx for reading. Go cast on something new. Catie


KnitNana said...

Ok...Mosaic is on my list when I next head south...
ME? Cast on something? Nope. Too much OTN as it is...I'm about to finish 2 pair of socks, tho', so I'll have to put another pair OTN - and probably Rooster Rock STR! Simple toe-up this time, with picot edging on a stockinette sock.

Pam! said...

Is Mosaic the one over there on University Blvd? If that's the one, I loved it too!
I only cast on 2 projects in 3 days, both pairs of socks. I started my first pair of toe-up socks over the weekend and cast on another pair with my new STR yarn.
Sounds like you were quite busy!

IndigoMuse said...

I love Mosaic, too and yes, they are very kid friendly and just nice in general. I can't believe the LYS staff fussed at your kids. When o when will we get a good yarn shop in this area. So glad you got some time away with the hubby.


Diana said...

Gee, I haven't been to Mosaic yet!! I have > than 3 projects OTN now but making progress in finishing.
Yes, dear Catie paved the way to knit in church. Gonna bring some socks next week!!! Hey, I listen better with handwork going on.