Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who needs food when you have fleece?!?!

Wow. What a day. I have been so busy. Me and the kids started the day with breakfast and Jonah, a Veggie Tales movie. Great start. I usually don't eat early and so I only had toast at about 10am. Then, more testing. Ain't it grand. Mia is now doing the 1st grade test, just for my benefit.

Then, we had lunch outside. We bundled up. It was warmish, but still needed wool sweaters and hats to be comfortable. The kids had ham, cheese, and strawberries a al carte. I had strawberries with yogurt and 2 Godiva chocolates.

At 12:30ish it was off to a friends house in Salem to pick up something. We had a great visit and checked out her chickens. The kids were in love, so was I to tell you the truth. I WILL have chooks one of these days, as soon as we move out of Roanoke City.

As we were driving away....... I was telling my kids why we couldn't have chickens. Then, I saw him. The police officer. He started to pull out behind me. I didn't even wait. I just pulled over. Yes dear friends. I got a speeding ticket. What a thing to get in front of the kids. Naturally, since I am a homeschooler, we talked about what Mommy did wrong as I was getting a HUGE ticket. Yeesh.

Got home and husband promptly called and I got the great pleasure of telling him where the next $150 of our disposable income was going. Thankfully, he was understanding. But, we'll see after he writes the bills this pm if he is still so gracious. ha.

Kids played in the sandbox while I messed with a new toy. Drum carder. That thing is amazing. It picks out all kinds of tough stuff out of "Brother" , the fleece. 2 passes in that thing and it is like roving.

This is the highlight of my day!! My package from my Knit to Spin secret pal came. It is beautiful. I am pretty sure it is hand carded and hand dyed 2 ply yarn. It is destined to be a hat and I LOVE it. Thanx so much pal from Fort Worth, TX. Can't wait to make your acquaintance!!!! Notice the cute cards as well.
So..... why all the talk of food? Well, I am just wondering about all you other moms out there.
"Mommy, where is my drink?''
"OK, I'll get it."
"Mommy, my fork is dirty". "OK, I'll get you a new one". "Mommy, I'm all done". "OK, let me clean you up". "Mommy, I gotta go pee. " "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT ALREADY, I'LL TAKE YOU!!!!!" Meanwhile, I have eaten 3 bites of food. Do you feel like a jack-in-the-box at meal time? I hate that so much. I NEVER get to eat in peace!!! During room time, I treated myself to an early dinner. Mind you, it is only 3 o'clock, but you read all that I had eaten before. I was STARVING!!!! I took my opportunity and made the most of it. Italian meatloaf, roast garlic potatoes, peas, and the smallest, sliver of Italian Creme cake. *sigh* It was delicious and the best part is I was undisturbed!!! My dh would ask, "Aren't you going to spoil your dinner?" (What a stupid questions, who asks a grown woman that?) My answer, "WHO CARES, I don't get to sit and eat anyway!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Definitely hand-dyed, but just dyed in the roving. I spun it on my Ashford Traditional, just meditatively letting the yarn be what it wanted to be. I noticed a lot of purples in your blog (a hat, a sweater..) but didn't want the other colors to feel left out.

I was calling it "Texas Dusk", and it's about 180 yards. Can't wait to see the hat!

IndigoMuse said...

(((Gasp))) A ticket? Did you get pulled on Thompson Memorial? They love to ticket along there. I'm so sorry. I guess it was a teachable moment but it still sucks big time.

And as far as eating, it hasn't gotten much better with the kids getting older. I only wish that I didn't LOOK like I eat all the time.

Hope to see you tonight.