Sunday, February 18, 2007

A life of ordinary questions

I have several BURNING, rhetorical questions I would like to on editorialize today. They are questions that haunt many of us. They are questions that can drive us to the brink of insanity and beyond. You ask: "Wow. These must be the deepest questions of life?" And in a small way, Yes, they are.!!!!

Here is my 1st question (but not the most important): Why, oh, why do we need so many needles? Yes, yes I know. What we tell our husband is that needles are like 'drill bits'. You need the right one for the job. It has to fit or I might strip a bolt or something. And as if you don't already know, those suckers are expensive!!!!! No self respecting man makes do with the wrong tool for a job.

So, here are the pix of my needle...... whatevers. This is how I keep my needles. I have done blitzes where I get them all in order. However, in my swatching madness, I mess them in lightning fast speed in order to get on with it, already.

Oh, I know that there are these cool things out there. The Denise needles. Yes, those attract me. Actually , quite a lot. However, as I have inherited needles from 2 grandmothers and 1 mother..... I only need to fill in the gaps of what they didn't have. And by the time the Denise set was made known to me, I had already gotten caught up in all kinds of sizes and lengths of circulars. Not to mention the double points.

All I wanted to do today, was to start some socks off the energized singles that I had spun yesterday. I tried to find a suitable size double point. All I had was 0 and 1.5. Well, the 1.5 was way to tight. Thus, my frustration. Because, on a Sunday night, at 7pm, there are no new needles to be had. This is what I need and I think I will purchase from AC Moore manana: dp's sizes 2-4. That should set me up for a while.

This leads me to my second burning question: Why does my DH shut off power to the computer just as I am getting ready to upload photos? Yes, yes. You have heard me say many complimentary things about Andy. I mean every single one of them. He is the dearest, sweetest and handiest guy to have around. Until, he wants to do something with the electricity! Like tonight! Without telling me his intentions, or checking to see what I was doing. Boom. Out goes the lights and the computer. *gasp* I lost what I was doing, and it was brilliant I tell you, brilliant. Not anything like this rant I have currently going on.

So, my last burning question, and probably the most important in my small life: Why doesn't my 2yo son eat? Yes, yes I know..... 2yo's can exist on the cereal they ate at breakfast, milk occasionally, and air. It still frustrates me, even if he is my 3rd child and have been thru this before. When he nursed, he was the Michelin Tire man. I mean the rolls and the folds hat collected 'funk' if I wasn't careful enough to dry him really, really well. Now he has a trim waist and a barrel chest. Believe me, he is doing well eating air, but not his food (as exhibited by his plate to the left). Notice, I even have the blue box of mac and chee there. He didn't eat that!

So, dear friends. Glad you came to stop by and honor me with reading this mass of questions. This is my life. Small, but important. Live well friends. catie


KnitNana said...

hehehe. I know what you need. At least for your double-points.
And Oressa needle case. So you have the right tools for the job at hand.

And why on earth men do anything is completely beyond me, so I can't offer you an excuse for them.

Especially 2 yo little men. And why they can exist on air. Please remember...their dad's end up keeping their shapes a lot better than we do and they eat EVERYTHING! Maybe it's preparation for that?

IndigoMuse said...

You constantly keep me in stitches :) We need so many needles because we're collectors and you never know when you're going to need them (like in the middle of the night). I can't explain the man thing. I'll probably die before I understand them. And yes, kids can live off air. My second child is living proof. He talks more than he does anything else and has more energy than all of us. Go figure.


Pam! said...

I have the same eating question about my 19 month old. He was a champ at nursing too and up until about a month ago he would eat anything. What gets me is the "it was yummy yesterday but poison today" phase he's currently in. On days like that he seems to eat cereal products and cheese.