Thursday, February 22, 2007

How I spend my time

Like I said the other day, "I can hardly wait to get cracking at 'Brother', my new fleece." Here is picture of me learning to card. It is not hard, but does require some skill, muscles too. I have found that I am really out of shape. My arms are sore from the carding. It must be a move that I ahve never really done before. How the mighty have fallen. Did I ever tell you that I was the captain of both the volleyball team and softball team in high school? My arms used to be ripped. Now they are like my grandmothers.

You can't see it in these pictures, but, there are a lot of neps and coils in the wool. I am sure that it is my inexperience, but it sure is gonna be a lumpy yarn. Fine with me. I like rustic looking stuff.

The problem with being at home mom, is that I always have access to my hobbies. Especially when I SHOULD be doing something else. Such as, making dinner. I love to cook, but, it is getting old. The endless menu planning and providing more fuel for growing munchkins. You should see the way my 5yo eats. She eats 3 solid meals and then all kinds of healthy snacks. She is a bottomless pit. She might even eat more than my husband. I love it when my kids eat.

So, I ahve been carding, spinning, and knitting for 2 days now. My house is trashed, but do I care. Wellllllll, yes, but I can't help myself. Brother is calling me. The only reason I ahve paused to blog, is that it fills me with joy to share with someone what lights me up.

This is not a great picture, but it shows you a bit what the wool is going to look like. There are such strong contrasts, I am pushing to finish this 2nd bobbin so I can ply it and see what my gauge is. I have visions of a chunky sweater for me, and several pairs of socks (probably spun finer after I have enough to make a sweater). Mittens, boy, they will be waterproof with this stuff.

Well, it is now time for me to get dinner started. We are having ditalini soup, pork chops, and whatever frozen veggie that I can unearth in the freezer.


Jennifer said...

I am loving watching the metamorphosis from fleece to garment! I am so glad you are blogging. I really look forward to your posts.

Diana said...

You go Catie!!! I gotta come by to see this fleece, carders, and spinning! Yesterday I barely lifted my head due to a migraine. Today I'm on the mend. What's ditalini soup? You're challenging me to increase my domesticity! Is that a word? I used to be more-so the baking, canning, cleaning etc. type. Not sure what's happened.