Sunday, January 28, 2007

Room Disaster

What have YOU done this weekend? Hmmm?

I can't remember the last time I really organized and set up a room the way I really wanted it. We actually got rid of furniture!!! An old press board, butt ugly entertainment center. Grandma's old TV from 1980 something or other and a nasty old butcher' block from some hotel that my mother talked them out of. Nasty. Full of gross bacteria.

So, the TV room was next after the playroom. We yanked out grandma's old carpet that was the color of these letters. It is out by the curb to be picked up by Rke City at some point. We now have beautiful hardwood floors that need to be refinished and polyeurethaned, but that is a whole nother project. I have banned all toys from this room as well. Just TV, knitting and computer activities here please!!

Here is Andy. My fabulous husband showing off his manly skills with a crobar (sp?) yanking up carpet tack strips. He got them all. He also used me as his other half to haul off the butt ugly entertainment center. That was a real gamble.... I am sure not as strong as he is and I was laughing with glee the whole time. Me laughing sure did not help matters.

So out on the curb, for less than 24 hours a TV, butcher's block, and press board entertainment center sat. When we got up this AM it was all still there. When we came home from church the TV (which only had a red picture) and butcher block were gone. By 3pm, Happy's came and asked if they could have the butt ugly item. Mostly happily and with gratitude, please take it.

I am really on a roll. Next weekend, I want the old, mildewy awniings to come down. Then prime and paint the faded pine paneling in the main entrance of our home (which is a pigsty). Contain the asbestos tile with ceramic tile (this might be a while). Install a/c in the house. Switch the girls to our room and us to thier room. WHeewwww. I am exhausted just thinking about it. And while doing this I must contintue to be wife and mom, teacher, cook, knitter and spinner.

As far as knitting goes, this weekend I have knit 50 stitches. Yes, that is right. Just 50 stitches. 2 rows in another Branching Out scarf from Knitty.

Here is the carpet that neither any of my more discriminating neighbors or Happy's did not want. Any takers out there? It is old, but I am sure has at least 10 more years of life before it is completely dry rotted.

I think you are getting the picture of my life. After 5 years of thinking and hearing, "Oh, you can't get rid of that, you might someday want it." I FINALLY started making decisions on what MY home will be like. It will not be like my mother's or my grandmother's, but mine. I have no idea what 'my style' is. Who cares???!!!??? I just want to be content with what God has given me and to be at peace. I like clean lines and zero clutter. You ask: Can you keep it up? Yes, with God's help, all things are possible.

So..... if this is a blog about knitting, spinning and family life, why are you going on and on about your house? Good question!!! My only answer is that I must get my house together. This house is a reflection of me and the state I am in. So, I am SERIOUSLY getting my act together. Internally, God has put me back together. The house is a reflection of what God has done and is continuing to do in me. AMEN!!! Clutter and dirt: Catie not good. Organization and clean: Catie doing OK. Y'all want to come over and see? You are invited, anytime. Thanx for reading this silly blog, but it means a lot to me.

I do have one knitting thing to talk about. My next sweater project. And that will be (drum roll please!!): Rogue. Any ideas on yarns to use or colors? Would love any and all input. God bless, catie


Anonymous said...

You mean that butcher block that I thought was fabulous!!! No wonder someone took it!! I would have. I think it could of been cloroxed to death. Oh well, glad you feel better. Purging does that!

Pam! said...

It must be catching! I decided at the beginning of February that I needed to go through EVERYTHING in my house and make certain rooms more useful and decluttered. I'm sorting, tossing, painting, rearranging, and purging. (One room a month, the attic gets 2 months, the basement gets 3)
It feels GREAT!