Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well.... That took a long time!! I think it took 20 full minutes for that to upload. Thanx Robin F. for your help. I just had to persevere.

This is a picture of some loose ends that I spun together and am currently knitting into a scarf for a ddaughter (maybe). The girls have a way of loosing things that discourages me from knitting them mittens, etc....

The other picture is (obviously) of my wheel. And that is the location where all my spinning takes place. In the middle of the house. I can spin with kids flying around and when one falls, briefly stop, pick them up, love on em, and then set em off to go run some more. Love that thing. Currently spinning a chestnut colorway in lamb/silk. I am sure pix to come. Enough for now. cate

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Robin said...

Pics look GREAT! Glad to help!