Saturday, December 16, 2006

Digital Camera

Digital camera here I come!!!! Been saving my nickels and dimes (not to mention Christmas money from mom) and I almost have enough. Gonna go ahead and get it, so dh doensn't have to. Save him some time *wink*. Already think I know what I want to get.

So, ladies, pictures are soon on the way. Very excited you know!!! Then I just have to figure out how to use it, transfer pix to puter, locate pix on puter, and upload onto blog. *sigh* Glad I am relatively smart.

As for knitting!!! Halfway done with the Branching Out scarf for mil. It is so pretty. Starting to organize what knitted gifts are being given and to whom. Gotta wrap, wrap, wrap.... Creatively of course. It'll be fun.

Hope all of you are having a happy Saturday!! cate

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